“For a child or an adult, it's extremely powerful to hear someone say, 'I get you. I understand you. I see why you feel this way.' This kind of empathy disarms us"

Dan Siegel

“I would highly recommend Jenny to any family that children need help to deal with situations and emotions, it has helped me to think as a parent and my child really enjoyed the sessions and she got a lot out of them. Thanks.”


“ I like seeing Jenny because she helps me calm down my anger and she helps me let out my emotions”

Year 5 Pupil

“My son and I were fortunate to have been offered Jenny’s support to help with his anxiety.  I found her to be hugely supportive, helpful, positive, kind and empathetic not only to my son, but also to me; she offered advice and she would signpost me to authors, books and other resources that I was able to refer to and that I still use with my son today.  He enjoyed his sessions with Jenny and I feel he got a lot out of his time with her.  I believe Jenny’s support is a huge asset to the school, and I have no doubt that her continued help and care would benefit many other children and parents.” 

Parent of child in Year 1

“The impact the counselling sessions have on the children is simply invaluable. It allows children, who have experienced/experience some form of trauma in their lives, the opportunity to talk and open up to someone. Most of the time, they do not feel confident to speak to their class teacher about things. But their time with Jenny allows them this opportunity. When each child returns to the classroom having worked with Jenny, you see a different side to them. They seem happier, more confident, more talkative. This alone speaks volumes about the excellent work Jenny does with these children and the clear impact she has. For these children, the priority isn’t their learning, it is their well-being, and Jenny’s work with them targets just that.”

Member of staff