"If counselling is more joyful, fun and creative, the child whose alarm system is already high is less likely to feel threatened"

Karen Treisman


Above all else, the therapeutic relationship is key and I aim to establish a relationship based on trust and to provide an open and non-judgmental space where my young clients can learn to develop positive relationships with themselves and others around them.


I offer a range of art and play materials including paint, clay, puppets, mini-figures and sand tray, enabling children and young people (CYP) to communicate in a medium they have chosen and to explore all aspects of how they are feeling, in a playful and experimental manner.

Older children may also want to incorporate talking therapy or CBT techniques for specific issues such as anxiety, phobias or depression.

In all cases I am led by my clients needs and wishes and, importantly, they learn that any emotion or feeling is welcome.


The approach I take when working with CYP is very much brain and body based: that is thinking about any neurological impact caused by trauma or distress, how it affects their state of being in the world, how they experience the world around them (physiologically and emotionally) and the impact on their self-regulation, self esteem and mood.


If it is appropriate and may be of benefit, I integrate mindfulness and compassion based practices into our sessions.  This helps CYP learn to choose their responses to challenging circumstances, rather than simply reacting or ‘acting out’ their difficult emotions.